As you know, the Boston Red Sox are struggling. Not just in the win column, but in the “fortune” column. Oddly enough, last summer, as I was eating my favorite Japanese cuisine, I opened my fortune cookie. I still remember the words very clearly: “This is your year” the tiny slip of paper read. At the time, the Red Sox had just defeated a very good LA Dodgers team on the road. Little did I suspect just how right a tiny piece of paper would be. The rest is history. The Sox would go on to defeat the Cardinals in 6 games, winning a World Series at home for the first time in a century. How did they do it? Simple, some would say. “They were a great team.” Yes, true. But EVERYTHING that could have gone RIGHT for the Red Sox, seemingly did so. As fate smiled upon a bunch of bearded comrades in October, it would soon frown upon a very similar roster in 2014. You’ve all heard this thousands of times. The Red Sox had a plethora of overachievers last year. No slight to the likes of Jonny Gomes, Shane Victorino, and Daniel Nava. But those things rarely happen. Nava, a guy whose contract was purchased for ONE DOLLAR, coming up big all year, hitting a spectacular .303 clip in a platoon role last year, is hitting below .200 this season. Vic seemingly has reservations on the DL. And Gomes is expected to do a lot and hit right handed pitching, which he has struggled with. All in all, the injuries that seemed to avoid the team last year have settled in with a force in 2014. The “magic” that the 2013 team had has, at least until this point, all but evaporated. What we’ve been left with is a team struggling to hit, pitch, and find a way around the misfortune. All is not lost, however. More than half a season is left to be played. And if I know one thing about being a Red Sox fan it’s this: giving up on them would be a HUGE mistake. These guys are proven winners and they have the ability to turn this around. Hold your heads up, Red Sox Nation. Things can literally only go up from here.


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