The Nation: Mood swings

After a horrible road trip that ended with two wins and seven losses, the Red Sox returned to the friendly confines of Fenway Park, where they’ve heated up as of late, winning the last 7 games here. So, after so much pessimism and gloom from the road trip to the elation and good feelings after winning two straight, how exactly should we, the fans, feel right now about this team?

The answer is somewhat simple. Keep your feelings neutral for the moment. I’m not suggesting to be completely emotionless. I’m saying don’t go into “give up” mode after a loss and don’t go into extreme joy with a win. Try to stay in the middle. Of course, be happy with the wins, and be disappointed by the losses, just don’t take either to the extreme right now for one reason: it’s June. We still have over 3 full months to play this game and figure out where we stand. Sure, we’re not where we want to be, but that can change very quickly. Save your more critical judgements for late July, where the Red Sox will either be a buyer or a seller. Until then, keep the faith high, and the emotional roller coaster on a somewhat steady track. We’re gonna be okay. As always, Boston Strong.


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