The Nation: Moneyball or misguided?

Big spending, big contracts, big free agents, big trades. This is what the Red Sox have strayed away from, especially since Ben took over as the GM. Terrible deals like Carl Crawford’s are long gone, and learned from. That’s great, yes, but I’m a little concerned. Here’s why:

We aren’t the Oakland A’s. We don’t have to entirely rely on unknowns and a great farm system. We DO have money, and plenty of it. Ben has shown major reluctance to spend this money or expend a few prospects in order to drastically improve the Red Sox. Sure, he signed Nap, Vic, Gomes, and Drew (Yes, Stephen Drew) and these guys have been great in the big picture (Vic, when healthy, and Drew when consistent). But what about the big name players that we used to covet and pursue? Nada. Nothing. The Red Sox are trying to overhaul their identity as a big spender and trying to become the newest addition to the Moneyball ideal.

I’m not saying this is entirely a bad idea, in fact, I like the idea. But there’s one major problem: we have money, we should use it. I’m not suggesting to become the Yankees and buy every single available free agent, but I am saying we should do more, as evidenced by our record that signifies we didn’t do enough in the offseason. Instead of trying to put our money and effort towards resigning our phenomenal center fielder, Ellsbury, we go after a bust in Edward Mujica. Instead of going after Brian McCann or even bringing Salty back, we sign A.J., who has done more harm than good (in my opinion). Instead of upgrading the outfield, we let it become the WORST in the major leagues in terms of offense. We have a great farm system stocked with potential stars that will be playing in Fenway one day. One day, not today. So, come on, Ben. I like that you’re trying to play it safe and let the kids get their chance, but we needed more than that this year, and the record proves it. Again, I’m not saying this team is bad and won’t compete in the end, I’m just saying there were steps that weren’t taken in order to prevent the chaos and uncertainty that is the 2014 Red Sox up until this point in the season.


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