The Nation: A Failed Experiment

By now you’ve probably heard the news: 3 time all star Grady Sizemore has been designated for assignment by the Red Sox.

After a two year absence due to major injuries, Sizemore returned to baseball with a huge uncertainty over him. He came out in a bang, impressing even the hardest skeptics with his play in spring training and early April. Unfortunately, the gold-glove center fielder could only show glimpses of his past glory. After hitting a disappointing .216, the Red Sox bid farewell to the man once regarded as a gift to the baseball world. Sizemore, 31, will have to attempt his comeback somewhere else. As for me, I hope he can regain some of what he lost and I hope that the charismatic smile that he boasted in his glory days returns once more and that he finds his success. The man deserves it.


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