The Nation: Where it went wrong

No, I’m not giving up on this team. I don’t care if we’re 20 games below .500 and in last place. I don’t believe in giving up on the Red Sox. However, this season has been anything but exciting to see as a fan. From a band of bearded brothers who found ways to win to a band of guys who don’t have an identity and seem lost on the field. Why? Why is an identical roster, similar to the 2013 team, struggling so badly? I try not to place blame on anyone, but I have to do it now. Blame the GM. Blame Cherington.

In the offseason, the Red Sox lost two key elements to their championship team in Ellsbury and Salty. Ellsbury is a game-changer (yes, I cringe commenting him now that he dons pinstripes) and a true table-setter at the top of the lineup. Along with that, his speed makes him a very valuable asset offensively and defensively. Salty, while not a superstar by any stretch, had a level of comfort with the pitching staff that A.J. cant replicate.

Okay, so we lost two key guys, no big deal, right? Wrong. The problem with losing two great players is that Ben did NOTHING to replace them. Sure, he signed A.J., who has been anything but a good fit. And he replaced Ells with a feel good experiment in Sizemore (I’m not criticizing Grady, I love the guy and I think he did well considering the situation) and JBJ, a kid with a great defensive skill set who has yet to prove he can hit at this level. Again, I’m NOT downgrading this guy, I do believe he will develop more offensive abilities over time. He was rushed to be a savior in center field.

In the offseason, there were plenty of guys who the Red Sox could have used this year. Let’s start with a center fielder. How about trading for one, Ben? Or moving Vic to center and signing Beltran? Nope. Okay, well what about at catcher? Why not take a gamble on McCann? When Ortiz retires, he could DH and play some first for us. Forget it. Cherington signed guys like Mujica, who showed late last year that he wasn’t worth a roster spot. And let’s not forget AJ, the “swing first, ask later” catcher who has been nothing but a sour note to this team.

Blame the team, blame Farrell if you must. As for me, I’m blaming Ben.


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