The Nation: On the road again

2 runs. A subpar pitching performance from Jake Peavy. And more uncertainty surrounding the Red Sox. After sweeping the Twins at home, the team has found no success on the road… Again, winning only one game against the A’s before losing to Seattle the last two games (in which the Mariners have scored a combined 20 runs). Now, at 8 and 1/2 games back of the Blue Jays, what’s going to happen?

I believe Farrell will strongly consider moving Peavy to the bullpen, even if it’s temporary due to how well Workman and De La Rosa have been pitching. Let’s not forget the huge uncertainty about Clay either. Should he continue to struggle once he returns, he could also be a candidate to be replaced, if for a awhile, anyway.

Still not hitting. The Red Sox led the league in runs last year en route to a World Series title. This year, aside from Brock Holt and the occasional clutch hit from Ortiz, no one is doing their job at the plate. I’m not saying these guys aren’t trying because we all know they are. But it’s not working. There is literally no production anywhere in this lineup aside from the two I mentioned earlier. Stephen Drew is ZERO for his last 23. AJ is atrocious, he left NINE runners on base during his at-bats. You could literally roll the ball to the plate and this guy would swing at it. Pedroia is struggling and only hitting .265, not a great average for a number 3 hitter (which he’s not suited for, but I’ve already ranted about that). Ortiz is batting .253, his worst in years. Things are not going well for the Red Sox. The pitching will be fine, I can assure you of that. As for the hitting? It’s almost July. The excuses of cold weather and needing more time to settle in are long gone.

Bottom line: if the Red Sox do not acquire a good, not average, hitter to put in the lineup, expect a yard sale in mid to late July.


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