The Nation: In or out?

Inconsistency, injuries, and poor offense. Those have been the three primary factors in a surprising and disappointing season up until this point. The Red Sox now sit at 38-44. Most likely in any other year, a 38-44 record in the AL East would be a death sentence, prompting the unfortunate bearer of the record to be in utter sell mode by June 30 and beyond. But that’s not the case this year. And that’s not the case right now, at least, not yet.

We’ve all been frustrated with this Red Sox team. They’ve made even the best of Red Sox nation bang their heads against a wall at some point (I have probably issued myself future brain damage due to the amount I have done this year). However, there’s a HUGE bright side to all the underperformance issues: We’re only SIX, yes, SIX games out of first place behind Toronto. Not only that, but let me paint a little brighter picture for those skeptics. The Blue Jays have a losing record for June. The Orioles and Yankees have been anything but impressive. And let’s not forget those dreaded Rays, who are beyond last place. Still need some more positivity? Okay. Mookie Betts. “What?! He’s played one game!” Yes, he has. But this kid can hit. He’s going to hit. He’s going to help. The Red Sox cranked out 12 hits last night, he had one of them. Maybe him being in the lineup will spark more offensive outbursts from a team that literally couldn’t buy a run on most nights.

There’s still more to be done though. We return home after a less-than-spectacular road trip to face teams like the Cubs, a perineal losing team (sorry, Cubs fans. I mean no offense), and the O’s, giving us a chance to take ground and gain even more games in the standings. This homestand will be the most telling of the year. If the Red Sox can come away with a winning record against their opponents on this homestand, I expect Ben will be making calls to find some upgrades and hopefully get enough to push us over the hump to October. If we fail at home this time, I expect you’ll be seeing a new Red Sox team, one full of rookies getting their shots to prove themselves, as the veterans (some, at least) will be on other teams and we, the fans, will be sitting at home watching someone else try to win the World Series.


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