The Nation: Waiting for October

I assume at least one person laughed when they saw the headline. Because honestly, what Red Sox fan in their right mind is considering October baseball right now? I’ve been positive all season, backed up terrible performances and defended underachieving players. I’ve been the first to defend this team when things have gone wrong. When I say “waiting for October” I don’t mean I’m waiting for some Red Sox playoff baseball.

I’m waiting for my college classes to be in full swing to take my mind off of the atrocious record the Red Sox have. I’m waiting for some good ole college football and the return of the NFL so I’ll at least be able to root for my respective teams. I’m looking forward to cool weather that will calm my heated frustration at this debacle of a season. I’m waiting for baseball to end its 2014 chapter. Because my team will be home in October wondering what exactly went wrong. I can assume most of us will be pondering the same thing.

After a terrible road trip ended with two wins against the hated Yankees, I had my hopes restored. We were only 6 and 1/2 games back of the Blue Jays for first in a watered down division. I had aspirations of making a stand at home, winning a few games and putting the final stamp on the rest of the season that would read: “buyers.” I was clearly wrong.

The Cubs. THE Chicago Cubs. Perennial last-place dwellers who haven’t won a World Series since my great grandfather was alive and well. 3 games. 3 losses. All of them painful and clear of the weaknesses the Red Sox have. We now lead the Rays by one game. One game from last place.. Again.

Not only has the season been horrible, but Ben Cherington and the front office have done nothing but dig a giant hole in all phases. They failed to upgrade the team in the offseason. And now they’re being stingy with our very own Jon Lester, a man that threw a no-hitter after defeating cancer. A man that has proven his worth. An “ace” on and off the field. And the Red Sox won’t pay him. In fact, the offers they’ve given him are laughable and disrespectful. I expect to see Jon sporting a brand new jersey in a brand new city for 2015.

I’ll try to end on a positive note. The future. The present hasn’t been kind. We are very likely to go from worst, to first, to worst all in 3 seasons. But it’s okay. We have been ranked to have the top farm system in the entire league from top to bottom. We have guys like Mookie Betts (who hit his first career homer last night), Xander Bogaerts, even with his recent woes, Henry Owens, Blake Swihart, Christian Vazquez, and so many more talented young guys waiting to get their shots. Trust me. It will be sooner rather than later. Don’t give up on the team, as for the season, make your own call on that. As for me, I’m just waiting for October.


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