The Nation: Let’s be real.

After the 2013 championship, the Red Sox front office decided to raise ticket prices for 2014. Oh, what a mistake that was.

The Red Sox aren’t good. They aren’t even decent this year. They’re 39-50, and are listed as one of the worst teams in baseball, joining the Astros, Twins, Cubs, and Diamondbacks as being vastly inferior to the rest of the league. The offense is the worst in 100 years, especially the outfield. Guess how many homers the Red Sox outfield has hit since June 1st? 2. TWO. (Holt, Betts). It’s okay to stay positive, heck, I commend those of you with the brightest of outlooks at this moment.

But I’m not here to write about how everything is just fine and how this team is just one streak away from being in contention. It’s July. They’re 11 games BELOW .500. They’re in last. And it appears they’ll stay there. Again, if you need positives, think ahead to 2015. Ben and the rest of the front office should greatly learn from the mistakes of this season. We aren’t the A’s. We have money. And for the love of Ted Williams, we should be using it.

I can’t wait until October. It’ll be nice to catch some football, returning tv shows, and some nice cool weather. We certainly won’t be catching any Red Sox playoff baseball. But that’s okay. Need one last good omen for 2015? Here it is: Worst (2012) to first (2013) back to worst (2014) which very well could continue a trend, meaning possibly right back to first for next year. Keep your heads up, watch the young guys play. And enjoy your summer.


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