The Nation: Still sellers

After axing A.J. Pierzynski and calling up highly-touted prospect Christian Vazquez (along with a 3 game win streak that ended today), one might be optimistic that the Red Sox are still in contention and still every bit as much in the race.

They’re not. Don’t buy that optimism no matter how good it looks. The Red Sox are still 10 games below .500 and they’re still 9 and 1/2 games out of first place.

I’m not trying to dampen your optimism because there is plenty to be optimistic about. 2015 and beyond will no doubt bear much more resemblance to the 2013 team than this year’s team. The talent is there. It will only get better. As for this year, the Red Sox are still very much in sell mode and will continue to ship away veteran pieces to build for next year. Don’t give into the illusion that the Red Sox are still going to make a run. Just be optimistic for the future, and enjoy watching these young guys play. They’re going to continue to excite. Go Sox.


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