The Nation: Trade deadline

Jake Peavy is used to being traded to a contender. He was traded to the White Sox and again to the Red Sox last year. Now, the Red Sox are far from contending. Because of that, he’ll make his next start for a great NL West team in the Giants. Peavy is the first to go. He won’t be the last. Here are a list of possible players that could be traded and to what teams.

Stephen Drew – Tigers

Drew’s bat has been mostly silent since he signed back with the Red Sox mid season. His defense, however, will at least intrigue a number of teams interested in bolstering their middle infield depth. I see the Tigers as the most likely candidate to acquire Drew should they have enough interest.

Burke Badenhop – Pirates

The Pirates are always looking for bullpen help. And Badenhop would be a great fit. He’s hit a rough spot lately, but still continues to get ground ball outs.

Craig Breslow – Angels

The Angels inquired about Breslow earlier this year. If they want to catch the A’s, adding Breslow to the bullpen might slightly increase their efforts. If the Red Sox are willing to trade Tazawa as well, I could see a package deal including both guys to LA.

Andrew Miller – Braves
An unlikely deal, but it’s very possible. The Braves are in love with Miller and would certainly want him in their pen. With him only being 29, he makes perfect sense. The Red Sox would have to receive a very tempting offer, however. As I assume they will try to re-sign him in the offseason.

Felix Doubront – Indians

This one is a longshot. The Indians are interested in adding a starter. Doubront was demoted to the bullpen. If the Indians want to take a gamble to see if he can regain his form, the Red Sox would certainly make him available.

And lastly. The most unpopular choice.

Jon Lester – Dodgers

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for keeping Lester and I will be severely upset if he’s not pitching for the Red Sox in 2015 and beyond. But with the front office being EXTREMELY stingy, the chances for an extension this season are quickly evaporating. The Dodgers are a longshot, but given the Rays recent resurgence, they will be very likely to hold on to Price. That makes Lester the most coveted arm. IF the Dodgers offer Joc Pederson, hold your hopes out that Lester was serious about returning to the Red Sox if he’s traded.

Other candidates: Koji and Lackey.

These are the two that are highly unlikely to go. Earlier in the month, it seemed all but certain Koji would be traded. But the Red Sox have recently expressed interest in bringing him back for next year. The same is true with Lackey. The Red Sox want to extend him before he hits FA after 2015.


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