The Nation: What’s the best deal?

I just wrote a piece about what the Red Sox could possibly acquire for Jon Lester from multiple interested teams. But which of those deals would be the best? Here’s my opinion.

The trade: Jon Lester, John Lackey, Andrew Miller

The teams: Dodgers

Their trade pieces: Matt Kemp (with the Dodgers eating a lot of his salary) Joc Pederson, and Chris Anderson. There’s a possibility Seager or another top prospect would be included as well.

This deal makes sense for both teams. Especially if the Dodgers are willing to eat a large amount of Kemp’s salary. This saves the Red Sox money (since they’re so stingy), gives them a future star in Pederson, a lower-risk, high reward gamble with Kemp (seeing as his salary would be very manageable with LA paying a lot of it) and another top pitching prospect in Anderson. The Dodgers could afford to pay Lester after the season and could control Lackey through next year. Keeping Miller would be possible as well. It works for both sides. This is the best deal to me, and I would take it if it was on the table.


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