The Nation: Stanton’s Price Tag

Have to admit I was shocked when I saw the headline: “Red Sox will be aggressive suitors for Stanton this offseason.” I still don’t exactly buy into that. I’ll be very, VERY stunned if the Red Sox and Marlins even engage in talks about the superstar. But there’s always “What if?” And in that “what if,” what would it take to get Stanton in a Red Sox jersey. Simple answer: a lot.

We have a consensual top 3 farm system, and best in the American League in my opinion (I only see the Cubs as having a better overall system). That being said, we have a ton of trade chips that would make Miami at least pick up the phone should Ben make the call. To get an established superstar, you have to give up immense talent in return. So, while none of these names are a certainty, I’ll throw out some possible prospect packages as well as deals with major leaguers in them. Again, this is all speculation and purely MY insight and opinion. So, if you disagree, that’s okay.

Deal: Giancarlo Stanton for Henry Owens, Mookie Betts, Christian Vazquez, and Manuel Margot.

That’s a huge blow to the farm, losing our number 1 and 3 prospect along with Vazquez and Margot, ranked 8 and 11 respectively.

Deal: Giancarlo Stanton for Henry Owens, Blake Swihart, Anthony Ranaudo, and Deven Marrero

Another big loss. What needs to be understood is that IF a deal were to happen, the Red Sox are going to give up a lot. Marrero is particularly interesting for Miami, they’d prefer Seager from the Dodgers, but Marrero would be a nice alternative.

Deal: Giancarlo Stanton for Will Middlebrooks, Jackie Bradley Jr., Deven Marrero, Christian Vazquez, and Rafael Devers.

The only way this deal would work is if Middlebrooks proves to be healthy and productive. Of the possibilities, I see this one as the least likely to happen.

There you have it. There are speculative deals that I would assume would be discussed. Keep in mind, these are minimums for Stanton’s services, and I assume it would take a little more. We’ll have to wait and see if and how Ben approaches the situation.


2 thoughts on “The Nation: Stanton’s Price Tag

  1. wavemix says:

    I like your choices but I don’t see the Red Sox giving Miami 4 of their top 15 prospects. Here is my package deal: Middlebrooks, Webster, Marrero, Brentz and Britton.

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