The Nation: The Rusney Castillo Report

At around 12 p.m. today, after my first political science class, I checked my phone for the latest Rusney Castillo update. To my surprise (and to about 10 other people in the surrounding rooms as I shouted, “hell yea”), Castillo agreed to terms with the Red Sox on a 6 year deal. I’ve seen a barrage of questions from people asking who this guy is. And if course, how good is he?

Like Puig, Abreu, and Cespedes, Castillo carries the same clout as being a talented Cuban player. He’s an outfielder/2nd basemen but we all expect him to join the Red Sox crowded outfield. From what I have seen and heard about this guy, he’s got plenty of talent. I fully expect him to be in the starting lineup for the next few years. With this addition, Cespedes could very well move to center field. “Tell me more?” You say. Okay.

Castillo has been compared to Puig and Andrew McCutchen. He is a solid hitter with above average speed and agility. He has a good arm but not like Cespedes. As for hitting the long ball, he has average/slightly above average power. I can see him hit 15-20 homers a year, maybe even 25. Especially since he’s a right handed hitter and will be playing half his games at Fenway. His defense isn’t great, but it’s good. At 27 years old, he’s about to enter his prime so I expect we’ll get the best out of him. Should be a lot of fun to watch that lineup next year.

As always, thanks for reading. I expect we’ll see Castillo sooner rather than later. Go Sox!


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