The Nation: A Dream Come True

Let’s say in late December, after tons of calls, franchise pitches, appeasing, and let’s face it: begging, the Miami Marlins finally realize Giancarlo Stanton doesn’t want to play for a perennial loser; especially one that can’t pay him to put up with it. Dan Jennings finally realizes he’s got to trade his star, or suffer being without him with no compensation when he leaves via free agency. He calls multiple teams like the Dodgers, Cubs, Astros, and Red Sox to gauge willingness to trade for Stanton.

Let’s face it, all would be interested. And theoretically, all teams mentioned COULD acquire him. BUT, the only real threats are the Red Sox and Dodgers, not because they have better prospects, but because Stanton is going to want to play for a team that constantly wins. Why would he sign with the Astros or Cubs? So, both of those teams would be too hesitant to trade high caliber prospects for a rental. Now, what about the Dodgers? The Marlins love Seager and Pederson. It would be hard for Miami to say no to those two (along with much more). But, as we saw at the deadline, LA is very hesitant to trade either one. Would they go as far as to include BOTH along with Urias and at least 2 more high end players for Stanton? Doubtful. So, Dan Jennings hangs up the phone, slightly discouraged. Then he calls the Boston Red Sox.

Ben Cherington immediately answers the call with, “Betts, Owens, Swihart, Marrero, and your choice of Ranaudo or De La Rosa. We’ll throw in Allen Craig, Will Middlebrooks, or Daniel Nava as well. Hell, pick two if you must.” Jennings is stunned, immediately contemplating his options, he calls Ben back a few hours later. The deal is in place. Betts, Owens, Swihart, Marrero, Ranaudo and Daniel Nava along with Will Middlebrooks all say their goodbyes and buy condos in Miami. Stanton packs his bag and his bat and heads to the beautiful New England area.

You’re saying, “Damn! That’s a lot for one player!” You’re right. It is. I sure as hell would NOT offer this package for any other player in the Majors other than Mike Trout. Let me tell you why Stanton costs so much: he’s damn good. The man is 24 years old. TWENTY FOUR. He draws raw power comparisons to George Herman “Babe” Ruth. Can you fathom him playing 81 games in Fenway a year? Let me give you a rough estimate of how many home runs he would hit: 45-50 A YEAR. Put him in a lineup where you get to keep Cespedes, you have Ortiz and Napoli as well. That would by far be the most powerful lineup in Red Sox (maybe major league) history. Of course, if the Red Sox get Stanton, they’re going to extend him on a minimum 7 year deal. Imagine the potential for the team. Imagine if they can muster enough prospects for a trade for Cole Hamels and they sign Shields, or, dare I say Lester. That team would be incredibly fun to watch. Trust me, getting Stanton would be the equivalent to the Yankees getting Babe Ruth from us. I’m going to firmly stand by that. So, just for a little bit more fun, let’s make a potential 2015 lineup.

1. Castillo – CF
2. Pedroia – 2B
3. Stanton – RF
4. Ortiz – DH
5. Cespedes – LF
6. Napoli – 1B
7. Bogaerts – SS
8. Vazquez – C
9. Holt – 3B

Sure, right-handed heavy, but at Fenway, that’s a good thing. And having Holt bat last provides an extra lead off man at the bottom of the order. Again, this is all my opinion, you’re not obligated to agree with me. But if Dan Jennings calls, you better believe I’d find a way to get Giancarlo on Yawkey Way.


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