The Nation: Third Base Solutions

Can’t hit, can’t stay healthy, average to below average defense, speed, and arm. By now you know I’m talking about Middlebrooks. As most of you who follow me know, I don’t like Will Middlebrooks. He has no value to my beloved Boston Red Sox. If someone offered me a sack of rocks for him, I’d feel like I was cheating that person in the deal. So, what do we do for 2015?

Brock Holt? No. Look, I like Holt. He’s provided a great spark in an abysmal season. But if you want my cold hard opinion, I don’t think Holt will put up the same numbers he did this year. That being said, I still want him on the team as a bench/super utility player, but not playing third base everyday. Unpopular, I’m sure. But this is an opinion.

Garin Cecchini? Not quite. Talented, yes. But I still don’t think he’s the solution for the immediate future. Still, I’d like to see him there in a few more seasons. But not quite yet.

Mookie Betts? Maybe. His frame isn’t exactly a third baseman’s, and the Red Sox have already stated they see him as an outfielder. But, with the way Betts hits, and with his athleticism, I could see him getting a tryout at third to keep his bat and speed in the lineup. This is unlikely, though.

Well, damn. Who then?

Pablo Sandoval. That’s my solution. 28 years old, in his prime. He’s a switch hitter with some pop, owning a nice .282 batting average and 16 homers this season. Signing him to 5 year deal would be okay with me. Remember, the Red Sox have a ton of money to spend this offseason. And outside of starting pitching, there’s no one to spend that money on outside of someone like the Panda. Put him in a lineup with Ortiz, Cespedes, and Napoli and you have a very, VERY formidable middle of the order. This is the guy I go with if I’m Ben. Doubt the Giants will be able to bring him back. Thanks for reading, and thanks for riding out this horrendous season with me. Here’s to 2015


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