The Nation: The End of 2014

Injuries, inexperienced rookies, underperforming veterans, and another dead-last finish in 3 years. A year that saw Jon Lester being traded and Yoenis Cespedes (along with Joe Kelly and Allen Craig) being acquired. No, this team won’t finish behind Bobby V’s 2012 squad, but they won’t finish ahead of anyone in the AL East either. Hard to imagine that this time last year, we were gearing up for a playoff run en route to a World Series title. If you’re like me, you’re just ready to close the book for 2014. I can promise you, it won’t happen again. At least, not next year.

The Red Sox have an immense amount of money to spend this offseason. More than they’ve had in years. They have a few contracts coming off the books and a surplus of talented kids in the system. What does all that mean? For starters, it means the Red Sox are going to go after starting pitching. James Shields is a lock to me to be in the rotation next year. I won’t count out a return for Lester, but I have a feeling he’ll be pitching for the Cubs. There’s also a good possibility of a trade for Cole Hamels or even Chris Sale. Expect at least 2 high caliber pitchers to be the 1-2 for us next year. Position player wise, 3rd base needs a solution. Will Middlebrooks is not it. I don’t think Brock Holt is either. Look for the Red Sox to talk to Pablo Sandoval and yes, perhaps even Chase Headley of the Yankees. And while a trade for Stanton is highly unlikely, we can’t rule it out. Ben will surprise us with some really good signings and trades. Fear not, the future is bright. Be prepared to part with some prospects. I see Blake Swihart as a lock to be traded in a deal. Hopefully the Sox hold onto Owens and Betts, but I can’t guarantee it. Ultimately, we will be better next year. I can promise you that. Thanks for reading all my articles. I’ll be sure to write many, many more for next season. God bless the Red Sox and all of you, Red Sox nation.


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