The Nation: Bold Predictions for the Offseason

Offseason is underway, and surely there will be some surprises before the start of spring training. Obviously, these are just estimations and carry ZERO weight. Agree, disagree, I don’t care. But here are some of my predictions:

1) Pablo Sandoval signs a 6 year, 111 million dollar contract with the Boston Red Sox. You knew this was coming. I just don’t think the Giants will offer more than 4-5 years, and I think Ben breaks the deal by offering a 6th with slightly more pay and a very enticing chance to play at Fenway with David Ortiz. What a lineup, huh? Pablo is a great left-handed hitter, much better than he is a right-handed hitter. But there’s no doubt hitting right-handed at Fenway would raise his stats. (Check out Nick Cafardo’s latest article going further into this) Ortiz, money, a 6th year, a great franchise, and passionate, welcoming fans convince Sandoval to join the 8 time world champion Red Sox.

2) Max Scherzer signs a contract of at or near 185 million dollars; and NOT with the Yankees. Why? They’re the only team that can afford him. Well, true. But I don’t see them making major moves, even though no one believes that. I see Scherzer going to the Dodgers, especially if they don’t bring back Hanley Ramirez.

3) Jake Peavy and Jon Lester join the Cubs, and Chicago trades for Cole Hamels. Woah. That’s a lot. How can they even do all that? Well, the Cubs actually have a pretty decent amount of money to spend. And with arguably the most stacked farm system, getting Hamels would be rather easy. They want to contend next year. Having those three guys is a good start.

4) The Marlins DO extend Stanton. Sad, I know. Who the hell would want to play for the Marlins? Money talks. Miami will take all their admission price revenue and give it to Stanton if they have to (I’m joking. Or am I?). Point is: they know he’s the reason that franchise exists. I feel like they will show Stanton a format of how they’ll bring big free agents in to help them win. Let’s face it though, they tried that once. But regardless, Miami signs Stanton to a bajillion dollar extension. Okay, maybe just a few hundred million.

5) The Red Sox trade for Chris Sale. This is such a Longshot. Why would Chicago trade their best player, and an ace at that, and one they control until 2019 (presuming they pick up his options, which they likely would)? Easy. The White Sox are bad. Real bad. Sure, they can keep Sale and keep hoping they’ll build a contender. But if the Red Sox offered a huge package of highly-regarded prospects and a major leaguer or two, wouldn’t that help their rebuilding process? It would. Still, this is really bold.

6) The Rockies trade Tulo and CarGo. Remember the Cubs? What if Theo REALLY goes all out, and trades Starlin Castro and an abundance of prospects to the Rockies for BOTH of these players? Probably far fetched, but that’s why this is a bold prediction. If you want to contend in 2015, you have to have the players to do so. Adding these two to Rizzo and Baez would be a pretty legitimate lineup. Still, I probably have a better chance to win the lottery than this deal happening.


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