The Nation: Money, Money, Money

Unless you live in cave, by now you know the Red Sox have made two huge deals today: one with Hanley Ramirez (4 years, 88 million with a vesting option) and Pablo Sandoval (5 years, 98.5 million). The Ramirez deal is now complete, and Sandoval’s should be done by day’s end. If you’re like me, you’re shocked and excited all at once. What’s next?

Pitching, obviously. Believe it or not, we STILL have a hefty chunk of change to spend in free agency. And there’s one guy out there worth spending that money on: Jon Lester. I’ve been asked a handful of times today if the Red Sox can still afford Jon Lester after these two major deals. Answer? Absolutely. Our front office has a master plan. They’ve already executed two major parts of that plan, but there’s still more to be done. If I had to guess, trades are already lined up. First to go: Cespedes, in my opinion. What could he get us in return? I propose sending him to Cincinnati for Latos, and if possible, I’d trade him for Cueto (note: it would probably take a little more to get Cueto). And as much as Red Sox nation is against getting Cole Hamels, I’d do it. I’d offer Cespedes and 2 pitching prospects not named Owens or Johnson. I assume it would take maybe one more prospect, but a deal could be done at any time in the next few weeks. Why not get Lester AND Hamels? Hell of a 1-2 punch. Maybe we can go get Samardzija as well. We have the prospects to do it. Believe it or not, I’m confident we can make those trades without including Betts, Owens, or Swihart (could be laughably wrong on that, though).

What is for certain, is there is a master plan in place. We got the two best hitters on the free agent market all within 12 hours. Imagine what Ben will do in the coming weeks.


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