The Nation: Star Powered

Well. That escalated quickly, huh? I admit, I laughed earlier today when I saw the sketchy report about Hanley Ramirez and the Red Sox. It didn’t make sense. But now, after that report actually was confirmed as valid, I’ve gladly had the opportunity to eat my words. Let’s say the Red Sox do sign Hanley and Pablo (I’m jumping up and down like a 5 year old on Christmas Day).

What would the lineup look like? And who would be traded or released?

1. Rusney Castillo – CF
2. Dustin Pedroia- 2B
3. David Ortiz – DH
4. Pablo Sandoval – 3B
5. Hanley Ramirez- LF
6. Mike Napoli – 1B
7. Xander Bogaerts – SS
8. Mookie Betts – RF
9. Christian Vazquez- C

That’s my ideal lineup. Obviously, that’s not a done deal, and a number of those guys could be switched around. But that’s what I would go with. Biggest question: where’s Cespedes?

On another team.

Seeing what the Braves got for Heyward basically means Cespedes has a pretty solid trade value. With Ramirez, you would no longer need to replace Cespedes’ bat in the lineup, so presumably, you could trade him for a pitcher. Cueto or Sale? I doubt it. But as Ken Rosenthal recently wrote in regards to the Sox interest in Ramirez, “Stranger things have happened.”

Cespedes would only be the first domino. I suspect the Sox would trade Craig (God willing someone would take him) and or Victorino, even though I’m a big fan of Shane’s. By knocking those two out, you no longer have the outfield jam. Keeping Nava and Holt would be a good idea for the bench.

The hot stove is always chaotic, as seen today. None of us (well, most of us) had no idea how serious the Hanley Ramirez rumors were. Like I said, if we can bring in Sandoval AND Ramirez, I will have gladly eaten my words.

Thanks for reading. The first domino could fall soon, maybe even tomorrow, as I predict that’s when Pablo will sign. As always, I’ll keep you updated.


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