Giveaway Rules: Please read carefully

Disclaimer: All of my giveaways are items that I personally own. They are not given to me or donated; believe it or not, I give these items away out of pure kindness and appreciation for all the fan support of the page. No purchase is necessary to enter and everyone has the same chance of winning. Please read the rules carefully below:

1) must be following my account. If you retweet the photo of the item and are not following me, you will NOT be entered into the drawing.

2) must retweet the photo of the prize. If you can’t find it, check in my photos for the specific prize being given away. Any further questions, ask me.

3) you must have a valid address. Preferably a U.S. address, but I will make an exception for Canada if you live there. Since I need a shipping address, I will need your personal information regarding the said address. If you are not 18 years of age or older, please get your parents’ or guardians’ permission to give me the shipping information.

4) winner will be sent a direct message on the specific date. I will ship the item within 2-3 days of the drawing’s end. When you receive the item, all I ask is that you take a photo of it and tweet it to me so that I may share it and prove my credibility.

Thank you all for your support. There will be a giveaway at certain milestones of followers, which I will continue to announce. As I said, don’t hesitate to ask me a question if you have one. Go Sox.


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