Winter Meetings

The best time of the year. Christmas is around the corner, I’m finishing up another semester in college. Tons of good football games in the near future. Oh, and the Winter Meetings start tomorrow. Last year, our front office sat on their hands and watched as many other teams got better. That won’t happen again. We have multiple needs and Ben Cherington has a plan. With an excess of outfielders and good prospects, the Red Sox could (and should) be the busiest team in San Diego this week. Here are our needs and what I think we should/could do to address the needs.

Starting pitching. Obviously the biggest need. Sure as hell don’t want Clay out there on Opening Day. Practically every pitcher that is available has been linked to the Red Sox, even if in an offbeat way. Here is what I think will happen:

1. The Red Sox will trade for Cueto or Hamels. Cueto only comes for potentially one year, so his asking price will be much less severe than what the Phillies want for Hamels. The Reds have been linked to Cespedes multiple times, and a trade makes a lot of sense for both sides. Trading one-for-one won’t be enough though. The Reds will likely ask for at least one or two prospects in return. Here’s my package: Cespedes, Barnes, and Ranaudo for Cueto. If the Red Sox want Hamels, it would take at least 3 good prospects. I’d assume Marrero, Barnes, Brentz, and Ranaudo would be fair for Hamels. That may be a little too much. They sure as hell aren’t getting X or Betts. I know a good amount of you reading this hate the idea of getting Hamels, but we may not have a choice. He’s better than we give him credit for. I’m gonna go out on a limb and suggest it’s quite possible the Red Sox can get both. Doubt they will, but keep an eye on it.

2. They sign Luke Gregerson. After missing out on Miller (that bastard), the Sox will have an opening in the bullpen. Gregerson provides some stability and I think he would be a good fit here. I project a 2 year deal.

3. The Red Sox trade for a backup catcher. Avila makes sense to me, but Detroit seems adamant he’ll start for them in 2015. If not him, Brayan Peña would be an enticing piece.


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