Should we worry about the rotation?

After a solid debut for each of our five starters, Clay Buchholz, Justin Masterson, and now Wade Miley looked absolutely awful in their second time through. Porcello had a pretty decent start, but it wasn’t anything that ‘wowed’ me. Kelly will take the ball tomorrow against the Orioles and his start could also have major implications for the future of the season. 

I know, I know, we’re 6-3 and we’re scoring a hefty amount of runs. We’ve won each series we’ve played thus far. All positive things, no doubt. And Buchholz, Masterson, and Miley are entitled to one bad start, right? I’m not so sure. Clay Buchholz was ROCKED by the Yankees last week. He left everything over the plate. It’s good to be able to throw strikes, but my God, Clay. He was so awful that night that even Stephen Drew hit a homerun off of him. Clay has the potential to be solid, and we’ve seen him do it before. But he’s not consistent. I don’t want a staff led by Clay Buchholz. Does that mean I don’t want him in the rotation? Not at all. I’d take him as a 3 or 4, much like the rest of this rotation. Masterson and Miley had horrendous comman issues. If you’ve ever seen Oprah giveaway something to an audience, just imagine her saying “YOU get a walk, and YOU get a walk, EVERYBODY gets a walk!” That’s how bad these guys were. Cause for concern? Still early, so I’m not on the “trade everybody” boat. But, from what I saw, I wasn’t pleased. Can these guys turn it around? Absolutely. Will they? We’ll see. Is anybody on this staff even capable of being mentioned in the same sentence as the word ‘ace’? No. 


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