The time to get an ace is now

Cole Hamels or Johnny Cueto. Both are great pitchers, both are more likely than not to be traded by July 31. One, if not BOTH could be had by the Red Sox due to their stacked farm system. However, knowing how Ben Cherington is, he would probably go for only one, or, hell, none. He loves the “sit on my ass and wait” approach and look where that got us last season. The AL East is complete shit. It’s the worst division in baseball right now. The Red Sox are THREE games under .500 and are still within reach of the Rays, who are in first. There is no clear cut front runner and I doubt there will be until August when the teams have made upgrades or have decided to sell. The Red Sox could get a head start and put themselves in position to take first place right now. 

Johnny Cueto probably won’t be traded until July, but Cole Hamels could be had right now. There are more than a handful of Red Sox fans that are anti-Hamels. They say he’d get rocked in the American League and that his contract isn’t exactly team friendly. However, there are way more positives than negatives. He’s a left hander, he’s been dominant the last month, he has a track record for success, and he’s been a World Series MVP. Should the Red Sox decide to get off their ass and do something big, this is the time and this is the player. Amaro will trade Hamels now for the right price. What is the right price though? Betts and Swihart are untouchable. That would leave Owens, Johnson, and Rodriguez on the table. I can almost guarantee the Phillies would ask for E-Rod. 
Here’s my proposal: Eduardo Rodriguez and Rafael Devers for Cole Hamels and 10-15 million dollars from the Phillies. 

Before you grab your pitch forks for suggesting we trade perhaps our best future arm, let me state my case for why. Hamels would help the team right now. He would help the team for at least 3-4 more years in my opinion. With prospects, you can never really know what you’re going to get. Look at how many “busts” there have been even in recent years. Remember Will Middlebrooks? He was a number one prospect for the Red Sox just a few years ago and now he hits 7th in the Padres lineup. I’m not saying E-Rod will be a bust, in fact, I think he’s gonna be good. But again, you know what you’re getting with Cole Hamels and he would instantly make the Red Sox better now. With the highest payroll in team history and with the (stagnant) firepower in the lineup, this team is built to win right now. Guys like Ortiz, Pedroia, Napoli, and Ramirez aren’t getting any younger. The time to go get another ring is now. If the Red Sox can vault themselves ahead of the other AL East teams right now, imagine what will be available in July. Who knows, maybe Ben Cherington will do his job and make the team better. 

That’s all I have for today. Like it? Love it? Hate it? Let me know! Thanks for reading! 


Why the Red Sox should fire John Farrell

Some of you are thinking, “woah, this guy is jumping ship way too fast. It’s still May. Oh, and we won a World Series just two years ago with this guy.” Others are thinking, “yes, it’s about time for him to get the hell out of Boston.” Count me in the second line of thinking. John Farrell’s time in Boston should be close to striking midnight. 

Two years ago when he was hired, the Red Sox were a mess. However, EVERYTHING went right for the team that season. Few injuries + timely hitting + veterans playing above and beyond what was expected of them led to the Red Sox winning their 8th title. Hell of a manager we must have hired, right? No. 

As manager of the Blue Jays, Farrell was a mediocre 154-170 in 2 seasons. With the Red Sox, through over two years, he’s 187-179. A winning record, but not by much. With the slide taking place this year, it’s bound to reach a losing percentage again. 

It’s not solely about the less-than-spectacular record he’s accumulated. It’s about the questionable managerial decisions he makes almost on a gamely basis. How about pitching to perhaps the hottest hitter in the game, Nelson Cruz, with first base open in a dire situation with the game on the line. And how many times has Farrell left a pitcher in WAY too long when it was obvious they didn’t have their best stuff that day. Just this season alone, Farrell has cost the Red Sox a handful of games because of his moronic decisions. Lastly, it’s justifiable to question his leadership ability and stubbornness. When a current lineup doesn’t work, he keeps it. He refuses to make a change and it can be said he plays favorites (Victorino) even when they’re as horrible as stepping in a pile of fresh horse shit. How do you have a lineup with Hanley Ramirez, Pablo Sandoval, David Ortiz, and Dustin Pedroia and have a negative run differential? Is it ALL Farrell’s fault those guys have been forgettable? Not entirely. But some of the blame has to be placed on the leader of the team – I.e. Farrell. 

The Red Sox rushed to give him an extension before the season, even on the heels of a last place finish. Idiotic is too nice a word. Point is, John Farrell isn’t getting it done. I’m done having patience with him. As for Ben Cherington? I’ll save my rant for him for another time but let’s just say I don’t think his job should be safe, either. Thanks for reading!