The David Price Sweepstakes

David Price is the premier free agent target this offseason. His credentials speak for themselves and he’s a perennial Cy Young candidate. While many question his ability to pitch in the postseason, it is undeniable that Price is an immediate impact player for any contending team and that he would most certainly help get one of those teams to the playoffs. 

There has already been about 826642073 different reports about where Price will ultimately land. Though teams like the Dodgers, Cardinals and Giants have been mentioned and are very much possible landing spots, I see Price choosing between three teams: Blue Jays, Cubs and Red Sox. Which team has the advantage? I’ve divided it up into categories with a “score” for each team in each category with a score of 1-5, 5 being the best. Obviously, this is my opinion and not based off of anything more than that and the facts. 

#1 – Money

Money usually wins in any situation. Emphasis on usually. Though all three teams have money, they have spent it differently in the past. All three teams need a top quality starter but let’s face it: the Red Sox are the most desperate team to get one. The Cubs are more likely to go after someone like John Lackey in order to save big money for Arrieta. So, 1-5, which team is going to offer Price the contract he’s looking for? The Red Sox are reportedly prepared to significantly outbid the competition. 

Blue Jays: 3

Cubs: 3

Red Sox: 5
#2 – Familiarity

Comfort and familiarity go a long way in an athletes decision on where to sign. We know Price wants to be as close to his family in Nashville as possible and also that he’s already spent time with the Blue Jays. He knows Joe Maddon and I’m sure he’d gladly play for him again. Price has played against the Red Sox his entire career and knows Dave Dombrowski. Price seemingly really enjoyed his time in Toronto and bonded really well with his teammates and the fans, so I’d have the give the Jays the biggest advantage. 

Blue Jays: 4

Cubs: 3

Red Sox: 2

#3 – Immediate chance to win 

All three teams will most likely contend in 2016. The Cubs look to be perennial contenders for years to come. The Red Sox are in a similar position with stars like Mookie Betts and Xander Bogaerts. Ortiz will make sure his last season is a strong one. The Blue Jays have a deadly offense and a strong defense and look to have strong seasons from Donaldson and Tulo. As of today (November 27, 2015), all three clubs still have some holes to fill and this ranking will likely change by the end of the offseason when the teams have made more additions/subtractions to their rosters. 

Blue Jays: 4

Cubs: 5

Red Sox: 4

#4 – Future chance to win

As mentioned earlier, the Cubs look like they’ve finally “arrived” after a 100+ year layoff. They have plenty of young stars and will only get better. The Red Sox are also on the rise in young talent. With multiple prospects in the top 100 ranking, the Red Sox will soon boast an insanely talented lineup that will include Mookie Betts, Xander Bogaerts, Yoan Moncada, Rafael Devers, Jackie Bradley Jr., etc. (not to mention the pitching depth of ERod, Owens, Johnson, Espinoza). The Blue Jays have the talent now but their stars are aging. The Cubs and Red Sox have the clear edge here. 

Blue Jays: 3

Cubs: 5

Red Sox: 5

#5 – Market

Marketing may not seem that important but it does play an important factor. Boston, LA and New York are arguably the biggest markets in sports and understandably so. Chicago is close but it’s not on the same level. If Price wants to continue to show he’s one of the best to ever play the game, what better way to do so than in one of the best markets in baseball? Advantage Red Sox. 

Blue Jays: 2

Cubs: 4

Red Sox: 5

Blue Jays: 16

Cubs: 20

Red Sox: 21
Take it all with a grain of salt. Price could end up with any of the teams mentioned. Thanks for reading! Let me know your thoughts! 


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