The Price Was Right

You all know by now that the big news of the night (and perhaps the entire offseason) is that the Boston Red Sox agreed to a record deal with David Price. The deal is for 7 years and 217 million dollars. The catch is that there’s an opt out clause after the third year. Here’s my evaluation of the whole process and the deal itself.

The contract: 

The contract was huge. That’s an understatement. It makes Price the richest pitcher in baseball history, surpassing Clayton Kershaw by 2 million dollars. 217 million is quite a bit but the Red Sox can definitely afford it. The opt out clause is key here. If Price dominates like I expect him to for three years, he’s definitely going to use that clause and try to get a better deal. I doubt the Red Sox would go that high again and they could very well have to watch him walk after year three. Overall, for at least three years, the Sox will control arguably one of the best two pitchers in the game. My grade for this is an A.

According to multiple reports, the Red Sox were also HEAVILY involved with Greinke as well. So much so that the two sides probably would have worked out an agreement had Price signed elsewhere. Speaking of him signing elsewhere, it’s also been reported that David’s first choice seemed to be the Cardinals. St. Louis offered him a lucrative deal but it fell nearly 30 million short of what the Red Sox offered according to USA Today. Remember that Incarecerated Bob guy? You know, the one that said Price was going back to the Blue Jays a few days ago? Obviously, he couldn’t have been more wrong. Apparently, the Jays knew from the get-go that Price wasn’t returning and they did not waste their time pursuing him. In the end, it came down to the Cardinals and the Red Sox. As we’ve learned, money definitely talks. Is Dombrowski done? Most would assume he is. He’s gotten the three “items” he set out to get this offseason (power reliever in Kimbrel, 4th outfielder in Chris Young, and, of course, a real ace in David Price). This is just my opinion, which carries absolutely no weight, but I have a feeling Dave is going to try to get a solid #2 starter to slot behind Price. After all, do we really want to count on Clay Buchholz and his injuries and inconsistency? Look for Dombrowski to gauge interest in his pitching inventory now that we have Price (nearly any starter SHOULD be available outside of Price and Rodriguez). Miley, Owens, Joe Kelly, Rick Porcello, and of course, Clay Buchholz could all be traded if Dave finds someone he likes. He could also pursue another reliever for the bullpen. We’ll have to wait and see. But seeing how quickly Dombrowski has moved in his short tenure, we shouldn’t have to wait long.