With Opening Day closing in, are the Red Sox in trouble? 

In December, the Red Sox looked like a solid team on paper. With additions of David Price, Craig Kimbrel, Carson Smith and Chris Young, Boston looked like a team to beat in the AL East. Surely, with those additions and the young talent already in place, the Red Sox couldn’t have another terrible season, right? Not exactly. Are there reasons to worry? As of today, yes. 

Injuries happen to every team. They’re impossible to escape. The Red Sox are already experiencing this with the loss of Eduardo Rodriguez and Carson Smith, the Red Sox are in somewhat of a hole to begin the season. Most likely, we won’t see either for at least a month. 

What about Clay Buchholz and Rick Porcello? Well, certainly they’re primed to have a better season, right? Clay is finally “healthy” and Porcello is supposedly going back to his old methods that made him successful in Detroit. From the small sample size, it seems neither have overcome their woes. Clay turned in a decent outing recently and there’s at least some optimism that he’ll pitch well if he’s healthy. Porcello, on the other hand, has an ERA north of 10 and has looked like a minor leaguer with all his issues. Joe Kelly has looked somewhat efficient but his command is still in question. Henry Owens still belongs in Triple A and Wright isn’t the answer for me. 

Without Carson Smith, the Red Sox lose a flamethrower and their setup man. Can Koji be counted on to fill in? Sure, I trust him. Can Taz regain his form after wearing down significantly last season? Maybe so. But losing Smith creates a lot of “ifs.” 

What should they do? 

Trade for Sonny Gray. Laughable, right? If only it were that easy. Gray is practically unavailable. Practically. Every team has a price. If I were Dave, I’d call up Billy Beane and offer him anyone outside of the core major league roster and Yoan Moncada. It would likely take Devers, Espinoza, Benintendi and another high-end prospect to even get the base for a deal. Probably looking at losing at least 3 top 5 prospects. Painful? That word doesn’t do it justice. But as a fan, I’d be thrilled to have Sonny Gray pitching behind his good friend, David Price. The Red Sox can’t afford another last place finish. That would be more painful for me than losing some great prospects. Of course, all of this is hypothetical and highly unlikely to happen but it’s fun to speculate. 

Thanks for reading. As always, sound off and let me know what you think.