For whatever reason, I couldn’t post this as text on the sun. So I had to do it this way. As the title says, this is my guide for the master of illusions, Mysterio. Since this is my first guide, I’ll keep it short, simple and sweet. I hope you guys enjoy! 
Character: Mysterio

Species: Human

Class: Blast

Side: Super Villain 


Mysterio has the coolest and most visually appealing skills in the game in my opinion. However, he does NOT produce a lot of damage. Here is a list of each skill, what it does and how effective it is.
1) Bat Frenzy 

Mysterio unleashes a horde of bats towards the opponent and teleports behind them before flying across them and firing some purple rays. Very low damage but it does keep him moving.
2) Giant Phantom: Mysterio creates a gigantic illusion that slams a purple rod of energy down on the opponent. Again, low damage. My suggestion is only to use this skill when you need it. It leaves Mysterio a little vulnerable.
3) Misdirection

Mysterio teleports backwards and summons 3 illusions (of himself) that draw aggro. Solid skill, use it when available. 
4) Sleight of hand

Easily the coolest skill of them all. Mysterio teleports into a floating throne. In front of him, a game-like wheel spins with three different outcomes. Each outcome produces a different attack! It’s RNG at its finest! The outcomes are as follows: meteors falling from the sky, parachuting presents that explode on impact and scattered boxes that have spring-loaded boxing gloves in them. This skill is hilarious and it’s just purely awesome. Bonus: full iframe, use it as much as you can. You can also cancel out the skill if need be and still get the surprise!
5) Grand Finale

Another awesome attack in terms of visual appeal. Mysterio creates a floating platform and begins walking towards the enemy while a gust of wind swirls the enemies toward Mysterio. He creates a massive ball of energy (it’s actually a mini earth!) and slams the ball on the enemy. It’s a good skill but again, leaves him a bit vulnerable.
Passives: T1 – Stage Spectacle

When attacking, it silences enemies for 3 seconds and has a cool down of 10 seconds. Interesting skill, can definitely be useful in pvp. 

                T2 – Showmanship

Increases mind damage by 15%, increases all attacks and defenses by 15% and speeds by 10%, provides a 20% star boost to summoned characters as well as 15% extra hp and 10% longer duration of said characters. A lot going on here. On paper, this looks like it should give him a pretty decent boost. From my experience, the difference is NOT game-changing and poor Quentin Beck still struggles to do some solid damage. 

1) Hypnotism – provides energy attack and ignore defense, two solid stats that are extremely beneficial. You’ll want to roll all attack or energy attack for the slots. 
2) Acrylic Glass Helmet – Energy defense and Critical Rate. Not bad. All defense should be your priority here. 
3) Nozzle-Mounted boots – Skill Cooldown and Crowd Control time decrease. The cooldown is a nice piece here. You can go with HP or dodge here. Personally, I’m going with dodge for survival purposes. Mysterio has no heals or damage immune/invincibility built in. Aside from some i frames, he’s very killable. Keep him alive whatever way you see fit. 
4) Mysterious Cloak – Attack speed and movement speed. The attack speed is nice. The movement speed is meh. Rolls Skill Cooldown or Ignore Defense, whichever you need more. If you’re capped for both, critical damage then critical rate. 
ISO: Any attack set will benefit him. Go with Hawks Eye if you need Cooldown. I have POAH on mine. 

Custom Gear: This is really up to your discretion. However, I suggest an obelisk with the following stats if possible: Mind damage + dodge + damage proc. Mysterio struggles with damage and staying alive, Aj obelisk as such would help with both of those weaknesses. You could also go with an invincibility proc and it would not be bad by any means. It’s really up to you. ITGB is also a good option. 
Uru: Energy Attack, Skill Cooldown, Ignore Defense. If you’re capped, Critical Damage/Rate and dodge if you prefer. 
Usefulness in game modes: 
Story: he can clear anything up to chapters 11 and 12. I tried it and I failed miserably. Without good damage and survivability, Mysterio doesn’t do very well here. 
Villain Siege: Able to clear all 3 at T2. Third one may be a bit tough at T1 due to low damage. 
Alliance Battle: I cleared normal Alliance Battle with him yesterday. That’s about as useful as he gets there. Definitely don’t recommend him for open day or blast male day. There are WAY better options. 
Timeline: not recommended at all. He will get destroyed quickly since, again, very low damage and no real survivability. 
Shadowland: he can do a handful of floors, mainly relays. Rumbles? Nope. Bosses? EXTREMELY difficult. I wouldn’t recommend him on any floor higher than 15 unless you like a challenge or unless your Mysterio is built perfectly. 
World Boss: He can do it, just not quickly. Obviously I haven’t been able to test him against all the bosses since he was just released, but there are plenty of better options. 
WBU: I tried. It was humiliating. 
Overall: Impressions and tentative grade –
His skills and animations are AMAZING. I would use him in every mode just for fun. I’m a huge Mysterio fan. He’s my favorite comic book villain period. Sadly, Beck doesn’t shine here. He’s average on a good day and doesn’t do anything well other than having the coolest-looking skills in the game (my opinion). He dies quite easily and his damage is really not good at all. He isn’t meta and I wouldn’t consider him to be a strong character. Conclusion: Mysterio’s skills make him look mighty but it is simply an illusion. Grade: C

Thanks for reading, everyone! What do you think of Mysterio?